As of today’s githubuniverse 2021 we have general availability of (Beta access to) GitHub Projects… aka “GHP”.

This is a gamechanger, given GitHub’s membership of the increasingly versatile Microsoft ecosystem of developer tools:

The timing of this year’s London Marathon was sublime: they somehow picked the single sunny day in between two spells of horrid British weather, with downpours & floods hitting the capital amidst reports of how few schools & hospitals were built in sustainable locations not on a flood plane.


After a full five years using their product for all manner of databasing projects, I’m thrilled to see the addition of a new View to complement the fairly recent Gantt and Mobile Kanban that have made life so much easier.

Airtable is a React-based noSQL-powered supremely user-friendly platform that provides…

For many years Google Sheets has been my go-to, given the speed with which one can sketch any sort of project in their fantastically fast & intuitive UI:

In 2017 I began to add a further…

A colleague recommended this with specific regard to the information-architecture concerns raised in its chapters on AI and XR.

I was pleasantly surprised to find “bonus” IA priorities discussed too in the section about 3d printing, whose success of course depends on printers (aka makers) having a shared, consistent library…

Are you looking into quantum machine learning yet?

Chris Fregly (principal engineer AWS and author “Data Science on AWS”) gave a fascinating virtual talk (recorded; worth a watch if you have access to the platform) at Big Data Ldn conference, which serves as a neat intro to folks without any physics background. A summary/preview:

Given his employer, he was able to live-demo (for free) a binary classification using quantum neural network…! Undoubtedly the most expensive live demo I have ever witnessed.

Gina Neff with several handy trios of insight

Recording available here.

3x priority topics for companies implementing AI systems

3x primary typs of work that are necessary to make AI systems function (currently less visible & recognised than they need to be)

3x research-enabled policy recommendations

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