Gina Neff with several handy trios of insight

3x priority topics for companies implementing AI systems

  • transparency: is the system transparent intra-enterprise & inter-enterprise
  • integration
  • reliance

3x primary typs of work that are necessary to make AI systems function (currently less visible & recognised than they need to be)

  • intelligibility & transparency
  • ongoing optimisation of resources
  • the work of context & information meta-data

3x research-enabled policy recommendations

  • who does the work of making AI systems viable in their data sources
  • peoples understanding of their own privcay & data; we need organising and stakeholder engagement to help citizens understand & interrogate
  • upskilling people and policy-makers in this field; we can’t leave it simply to large tech companies with commercial interest

3x ways to engage to learn how we are already being evolved by AI

  • map
  • track
  • measure


  • discovery
  • refinement
  • design
  • sizing
  • execution
  • testing
  • deployment/release

Cover note


  • file size
  • “alternatives”
  • whether to store Bounce files alongside Session files
  • how to reference both file types in songwriter/composer notes

Oli Steadman

DataCat @AstraZeneca. Bass/BV @StornowayBand. Fan @lowislandmusic. CTO @Tigmuso. Voc/Gtr @DrachmaBand. DataEng @ICISOfficial. DataSys @GBioinf. DataSci @GA.

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