Backlog as distributed ledger

A metaphor I’ve used several times to inspire closer attention to backlog health, is that of a knowledge blockchain. In this the transaction recorded with each new step in the chain, is an “interpretation record” in wherein team members attending a backlog grooming or similar type of collaborative business-analytic activity, note down on the backlog item, their interpretation of the issue as it stands on that day.

With a detailed record of snapshot interpretations, checked off against an issue’s lifetime as it moves through the stages:

  • discovery
  • refinement
  • design
  • sizing
  • execution
  • testing
  • deployment/release

… it’s a massive boon to the team if a transparent series of tacit agreements is published as comments alongside the granular data that get introduced at each step. It obviates the otherwise mandatory and tedious unplanned Q&A sessions that inevitably crop up for teams handling highly technical, detailed, and often abstract, themes of work for which not enough detail has been captured in the issue’s description, acceptance criteria, etc.

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