End of (2024Q1) tour reminiscence

Oli Steadman
3 min readFeb 20, 2024

#GUTTED the tour has drawn to its too-soon sewing-up. Why does it have to end…!

I seem never to know how to tell them in person, but it is the greatest privilege to be able to laugh along with my friends as we race from city to city playing the #music we love, meeting so many kind people who support the live music industry. Thankyou to all the independent venues & individuals who make this possible, and special cheers to Wylam Brewery for the most fantastic send-off. If you ever find yourself planning a visit to Tyneside, drop in for their delicious burgers, beers, and beautiful booming barn of a venue.

Charlotte was a star of the tour, so many people saying her saw-playing was their highlight; Felix was the note-perfect powerhouse drums & percussion. Sound on this tour was mixed exquisitely by the genius Max, merchandise was sold by the unstoppable Izzi, and legendary Tom took care of guitar tech + lights + so much else besides.

Gigs and Tours promoted the tour so professionally, and ensured our tech rider was covered; Wasserman booked it all expertly and our indie label @cookingvinyl were so supportive and huge thanks to ARIA Guitars for my Detroit basses!

Moving countries at age 15 was an adventure I’d never ask to swap — so many incredibly positive things came out of it — but it left me with a confused understanding of how make & maintain friendships. I find it very difficult to open up about emotions & relationships (like many other folks who spend significant time caught up in their own thoughts, for whatever their own reasons might be). Stornoway over the years has gradually helped me do better on this front… here’s to #friendship

Photos by Tracy except final b&w shot from Not Just a Pretty Plate’s clip.

Next up,

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