Evangelising Agility at Yuletide

  • Ad Land: despite the many analogous fundamentals (advertising/design creative are the devs; clients are the product owners; account managers are the software managers) culturally it’s chalk-and-cheese.
  • Music Industry: not sure anybody’s ever tried running a pop band using Scrum; could be a success story waiting to be told… but again the personalities & attitudes that desire to sustain a music career tend not to respond well to itemising of SMART-driven deliverables & timelines.
  • Haute Cuisine: here you really want Waterfall (roadmapped, predictable, formulaic, known deliveries satisfying the precise customer request).




Bass/BV @StornowayBand. DataCat @AstraZeneca. Consulting via StoneStreetProductions.

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Oli Steadman

Oli Steadman

Bass/BV @StornowayBand. DataCat @AstraZeneca. Consulting via StoneStreetProductions.

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