JQL toptip: linkedIssuesOf()

Use a lot of issue links in your project? We do at AstraZeneca.

Sharing this JQL as a timesaving toptip bestpractice for anybody operating within the complexity of multi-sponsor demand environments:

issueFunction in linkedIssuesOfAll(subQuery, relationType)

Read the docs at scriptrunner.adaptavist.com/5.5.8/jira/jql-functions.html

I am hoping to find time to write a series of articles about Demand Quality and ways in which my tech teams have leveraged the following APIs to automate some of the undifferentiated heavy lifting faced by business analysts:

  • Power Automate — my preferred integration & scheduling tool given its diverse range of connectors and general versatility; I’d been a longitme fan of Zapier before I joined an established technology division with extensive MS product license, so have now made the switch.
  • Power BI — our preferred visualisation tool which has its own Centre For Enablement aka Centre Of Excellence and whose reports can be updated using a Power Automate trigger. Once MS release the long-anticipated Power BI integration with Powerpoint this will mean executives’ slides will also have the option to be updated automatically, representing a humungous time-saver all all levels.

I am hoping to find time to write a series on Competitive Advantage Through Standardisation which will follow on from the above, especially in respect of:

  • consolidating analytical routes available to teams especially wrt copying data out from the source of truth (see Jira, above) into bespoke, brittle dashboarding arrangements (typically a non-standard MS Excel file).



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Oli Steadman

Bass/BV @StornowayBand. DataCat @AstraZeneca. Consulting via StoneStreetProductions.