Official Xamarin tutorials available from Microsoft

Almost all the 19 Xamarin tutorials currently available from Microsoft via MSLearn end in something fairly basic; for instance the keypad-translation app which lets you type a phone number and get back the word value:

In theory, by the time you’ve followed the steps of each tutorial, you should have the precise code that produces that working application; you can also simply copy it from whichever repo branch represents the final step in each tutorial (e.g. they tend to be called “Final” or “Chapter 5 of 5” etc).

There is also the (classic for a reason!) flags quiz app (repo here):

So that you can determine where best to start on your Xamarin learning journey (i.e. which tutorial is most worthy of your time), I gathered all the tutorials in a single database together with screenshots of the final product developed by each. These are available courtesy of Airtable’s shared views:

With all the exciting announcements in Apple Developers’ 2021 Wrap (posted last week; summary to come soon) I’m increasingly disinterested in what Xamarin has to offer, but I may be discounting something there. Time to dig into some tutorials and find out for myself what the capabilities are.



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